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Temperatures in the archipelago of Zanzibar are quite high and do not vary much throughout the year. The daily average is 26° C from June to October and is around 35° C from December to February.

The high humidity often gives a feeling of greater warmth, but the sea breeze coming from the Ocean gives relief throughout the year, especially along the east coast of the island, on the coast of Kiwengwa, right where the Mvuvi Resort is located.

The low rainfall occur mainly between the months of April and June, while the small rainy season is in November. However, even in these months, it is very rare that it rains for several consecutive days. The monthly average of rainy days varies from 8 to 11, in the months mentioned above.

Weather previsions in Zanzibar

Clothing recommendations

We recommend a casual and light outfit during the day. However, it is convenient to carry a sweater or a light jacket for the evening and a k-way in the months between July and September.

Hat, sunglasses and comfortable shoes are recommended for daily excursions in Zanzibar. Note that the population is predominantly muslim, we recommend chaste clothes while hiking in the villages, mosques and other places of worship.

Time zone

The time zone in Zanzibar is specifically the East Africa Time (UTC +3:00).

In practice, one hour ahead of Italy and two when in daylight saving time.

Time zone in Zanzibar


All the international airlines with scheduled stopover in Dar es Salaam or in Nairobi (British Airways, Iberia, Klm, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, etc.) fly over Zanzibar. Then, internal links are used to reach touristic facilities and safaris locations. If you fly from Italy, the 2 Galli Travel agency propose charter flights to reach Zanzibar in only 8 hours.


Passeport is required and must have be valid for at least 6 months.

Entry visa

The entry visa must be required at the embassy of Tanzania or at one of its consulates in Europe. The application form can be downloaded from the website Those who, for whatever reason, could not apply in their origin country, can get the visa on arrival in Tanzania at the three international airports (Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar) at 50 USD.

Boarding fee

At the exit from Tanzania, a fee of 35+8 USD must be paid, better if with USD. Note that visa costs and boarding fees values might change without speciale notice.


No vaccination is mandatory for Tanzania. However, the antimalarial prophylaxis is recommended. In alternative of the official drug (Lariam), homeopathic products such as Aspidos Plus or Rhododendron tomentosum (sold in pharmacies or natural medecine stores) can be used.

Those wishing to travel to Tanzania or plan a stay in Kenya must beforehand enquire about a vaccination against yellow fever.


Local health is rather lacking, although in recent years the medical equipment and the availability of specific drugs have improved thanks to the opening of private facilities.

Before embarking on the trip we recommend to take out sickness insurance to cover medical bills or eventual repatriation and/or health transfer to another country.

It is preferable to consult a tropical diseases specialist before departure to evaluate both the opportunity of antimalarial prophylaxis and, in particular cases, immunizations against endemic diseases.


In Zanzibar, you drive on the left with overtaking on the right. The use of safety belts in cars and helmet for motorcycle. The local police is entitled to receive the amount of a fine on the spot.

When hiring a vehicle, your original driving license is required in order to obtain the temporary driving permit.


More than 90% of the population is muslim. The remaining population is christian or hindu.


Swahali and English. However, in Zanzibar the Italian is spoken at major tourist destinations.


In Zanzibar the currency is Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) but you can also pay in euros or us dollars. There are no particular restriction on the import of currency.

Traveller’s cheques are accepted as payement in the main hotels of Dar es Salaam, banks and some travel agencies in Stone Town. The Atm service was recently established in certain banks.

Cellular network

The network is GSM 900/1800. There are roaming agreement with important foreign companies.

The cellular coverage is widespread. However, some inland areas are still not covered. The prefix to call from Italy is 00255. Special low cost cards to call Italy may be purchased locally.


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